Excursion Sailboat Mondello Palermo

Departure available from Porto La Cala Palermo

Excursion Sailboat Mondello Palermo

This boat trip will allow customers on board to enjoy the west coast that connects the city of Palermo to Mondello beach, dominated by rocky plateaus and dense vegetation.

From the port of Palermo and sail to the north west to the Mondello seaside village enclosed by Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino.

Throughout the excursion will be carried out the stops to allow you to swim and discover the beautiful backdrops.

Snorkeling gear (flippers / fins, masks & snorkels) available free for your pleasure.

Things to do Palermo Tripadvisor

Things to do Palermo Tripadvisor

Palermo Sailing Trip

Palermo Sailing trip


For more information on pricing and availability, please contact: www.occhioalboma.it

Bestseller Palermo

Bestseller Palermo Mondello

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    Palermo Sailing Tour

    Palermo Sailing tour


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